PassMark’s Top 20 List of High-End CPUs Is Now Entirely Composed of AMD Processors

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Image: AMD

Intel has lost immense ground to AMD in the high-end processor department. This is according to benchmark solutions outfit PassMark Software, whose CPU Mark rankings for high-end CPUs are now dominated by red team products. These include the EPYC 7763 server processor, which is currently in 1st place with a score of 87,686; the Ryzen Threadripper 3990X, which is in 4th with 80,690; and the Ryzen 9 5950X, which is 16th with a score of 46,113. Intel doesn’t enter the picture until the 21st slot with its Intel Xeon W-3275M (39,478).

This chart comparing high end CPUs is made using thousands of PerformanceTest benchmark results and is updated daily. These are the high end AMD and Intel CPUs are typically those found in newer computers. The chart below compares the performance of Intel Xeon CPUs, Intel Core i7/i9 CPUs, AMD Ryzen/Threadripper CPUs and AMD Epyc with multiple cores. Intel processors vs AMD chips – find out which CPUs performance is best for your new gaming rig or server!

Source: PassMark

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