Apple Facing Lawsuit for Terminating Account with $25,000 Worth of Apps and Videos

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Apple is being sued by two users who were unaware of the fact that people don’t really own the content that they purchase off of digital platforms. The first plaintiff is David Andino, who alleges that Apple’s definition of “buy” is deceptive in that purchased movies technically function more like rentals (access can revoked at any time), while another, Matthew Price, seeks to recover monetary damages after losing access to his account with nearly $25,000 worth of content purchased from iTunes and the App Store. Apple had filed a motion to dismiss the former, but the judge rejected it and is letting the case move forward.

Price’s $25,000 worth of purchases is perhaps an extreme example of what many consumers may encounter when they buy content on digital platforms, only to find it unavailable when their accounts are suspended or terminated. At issue is whether digital content available through various platforms is truly owned by individuals if the platform owner can prevent them from accessing it in the future.

Sources: Ars Technica, The Hollywood Reporter

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