EKWB Announces Magnitude sTRX4 Water Blocks for AMD Ryzen Threadripper Processors

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Image: EKWB

EKWB has announced a new water block for AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors called the Magnitude sTRX4. It uses a patent-pending technology called TDC (Targeted Die Cooling) with a jet plate insert that focuses the coolant over all 8 chiplets in parallel. Tops are available in nickel-plated brass, plexi, and acetal, with optional accents in nickel, black, red, and more. It has two industry-standard G1/4-inch (BSPP) ports spaced 29 mm apart. The Magnitude is available with or without D-RGB. The D-RGB versions feature 44 individually addressable diodes that are concealed between the accent and top. Prices range from $269.99 to $319.91 for the water block, and $35.99 for the accent.

EK, the leading computer liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is launching a new water block, tailor-made for AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors. The Magnitude sTRX4 is the most complex Threadripper CPU water block on the market to date. Our latest addition to the EK Quantum product line has no intention of succeeding or replacing its Velocity sTR4 counterparts, as the Magnitude water block is a rather sophisticated alternative, optimized specifically for Zen 2 based AMD Threadripper CPUs.

Source: EKWB

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