Solid Snake’s Voice Actor Believes That a Metal Gear Solid Remake Is Really Happening

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Image: Konami

Rumors of a Metal Gear Solid remake aren’t anything new, but Solid Snake’s original voice actor, David Hayter, seems to think that a next-generation version of Hideo Kojima’s iconic 1998 stealth action game is definitely in development. Hayter recently took part in a live chat with YouTuber Dan Allen and mentioned that he had been texted by an insider who had heard that the MGS remake was really happening. A remake of MGS called The Twin Snakes was released for Nintendo Gamecube back in 2004.

Hayter added that if publisher Konami were to remake MGS, they would likely need to re-record Snake’s voice work due to the age of the original recordings, adding that he thinks he can still “pull off” the young snake voice. “They can’t use the original PlayStation [recordings] because the sound card isn’t anywhere near as good as today’s consoles,” he said. “So what happens is, you run those old tapes and you can hear traffic going by outside and all this room noise, because we didn’t do it in a studio: we did it in some living room.

Source: Dan Allen, VGC

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