Secretlab Announces MAGNUS Metal Desk with Magnetic Ecosystem

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Image: Secretlab

Secretlab has unveiled a metal desk called the MAGNUS that features a unique modular magnetic ecosystem for attaching leatherette desk mats, creating a cable management system, and more. The powder-coated metal chassis features a sliding back panel and tray with removable magnetic RGB strip running along the back. Constructed of SPCC steel, high-grade aluminum, and MDF, it weighs roughly 92 pounds. Maximum load of the tabletop and rear cover is 220 and 55 pounds, respectively. Available in 3’11 or 4’11 heights, it comes with a five year warranty.

Engineered from the ground up in the design lab at our Singapore headquarters, the Secretlab MAGNUS Metal Desk is built to meet the needs of the most discerning gamers, creators, and professionals. Together with the award-winning 2020 Series Chairs, the Secretlab MAGNUS rounds out a world-class productivity setup, allowing users to effectively level up their work and play.

Source: Secretlab

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