Mandalorian Game Reportedly in Development at Xbox Game Studios

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Image: Lucasfilm

A video game based on Lucasfilm’s hit Disney+ Star Wars series, The Mandalorian, is reportedly in development at one of Microsoft’s first-party Xbox studios. The rumor comes from Xbox Era co-founder Nick Baker, who inadvertently confirmed the existence of the title after mistaking one of Phil Spencer’s Funko Pop toys as being Mandalorian related. Baker’s revelation complements recent rumors shared by MrMattyPlays, who claimed that Xbox Game Studios was involved with a “pretty well-known” Lucasfilm IP.

[…] right now it looks like PlayStation’s the Marvel console, right? You’ve got Spider-Man and Avengers, you’ve got Spider-Man PS4, we got Miles Morales. I think Xbox probably wants to take the…that’s what I heard, Xbox wants to take the Lucasfilm route. We’re seeing that with Indiana Jones, and there’s another developer from the first-party Xbox team that I’ve heard is working on a pretty well-known IP.

Sources: @Shpeshal_Ed, Last Stand Media, r/GamingLeaksAndRumors

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