4A Games Releases Statement on Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition and AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution

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Image: 4A Games

When 4A Games published its announcement for Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition on Wednesday, it included a bullet point in the FAQ section noting that the title would not support AMD’s upcoming answer to NVIDIA DLSS, FidelityFX Super Resolution. 4A Games has now released a statement clarifying that it hasn’t actually tested FidelityFX Super Resolution yet and that it was merely referring to the broader FidelityFX open-source image quality toolkit, which comprises various solutions for greater visuals such as Contrast Adaptive Sharpening and Ambient Occlusion. This isn’t great news for AMD fans who were tricked into thinking FidelityFX Super Resolution was already in the hands of select developers, but AMD Radeon CVP and GM Scott Herkelman did recently promise that the highly anticipated technology would debut later this year.

4A Games has not evaluated the AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution feature for Metro Exodus at this time. In our FAQ, we were referring to the AMD FidelityFX open source image quality toolkit which targets traditional rendering techniques that our new RT only render does not use, and noting that we have our own Temporal Reconstruction tech implemented natively which provides great quality benefits for all hardware, so do not currently plan to utilize any other toolkits.

Sources: Wccftech, VideoCardz

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