Bethesda Adds Paid Skins to DOOM Eternal, Breaking Earlier Promises

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Image: id Software

DOOM Eternal creative director Hugo Martin told Forbes last year that the hellish shooter would not include a microtransactions store or any type of paid cosmetics. That promise appears to have been broken, as DOOM Eternal now features two cosmetic packs (DOOMicorn Master Collection Cosmetic Pack [$4.99], Series One Cosmetic Pack [$8.99]) with skins that are only available as paid DLC. According to VGC’s coverage, these cosmetics could previously be obtained at no cost via Twitch and by gaining XP during the game’s first season.

Bethesda also released the paid Rip ‘N Tear cosmetic DLC pack for Doom Eternal a couple of months after launch, but it was generally well received because it consisted of a set of items that had previously only been available as a pre-order incentive.

Sources: VGC, Forbes

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