Crysis Remastered Update Adds Experimental Ray Tracing Boost Mode

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Image: Crytek

Crytek has released update 2.1.2 for Crysis Remastered. In addition to bug fixes and optimizations, it introduces a new experimental ray tracing boost mode that applies ray tracing to almost every surface in the game. It also enables ray randomization for proper support of rough surfaces and adds 5 percent of specular reflectance by default to all surfaces. The new boost option can only be activated when the Global Raytracing option is enabled.

Image: Crytek

• Motion blur has been reactivated: Motion Blur was temporarily disabled with 2.1.1 due to some issues where the motion blur effect was far more intense than intended. A fix has been implemented and motion blur is now available once again.

• Improvement made to the model for the SCAR.

• Fixed a bug that allowed players to activate Anti-Aliasing (AA) from the options menu when DLSS is turned on.

• Developer Note: By design, AA is not supposed to work while NVIDIA’s DLSS is active. To increase the visibility on this, AA will now be greyed out once DLSS has been turned on. 

• Fixed a UI issue that resulted in the selected difficulty settings appearing as set to “Easy” when another difficulty has been selected.

• Fixed some black or random textures that could appear when RayTracing is enabled on some PCs.

• Reduced and fixed several visible cracks that can appear in RayTracing geometry.

• Fixed a rare crash that could occur when Raytracing has been enabled.

• Fixed some incorrect texture tiling that could be visible when RayTracing is enabled.

• Fixed an issue that could result in stalls when loading RayTracing textures.

• Optimized the GPU memory usage in RTX mode (freed around 300+ MB on GPU).

• Fixed an issue with some light clip volumes support when RayTracing is enabled which will now allow for more precise RT shading.

• Fixed an issue that caused RayTracing Screen Space Reflections to not be visible on distant surfaces.

• Optimized RayTracing Screen Space Reflections performance for 4K.

Source: Crytek

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