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There have been a lot of reports over the last two weeks about how Chia, a cryptocurrency that’s mined by leveraging the empty space of storage devices, could lead to significant shortages of hard drives and solid state drives. While it’s too early to tell how much of this is sensationalism, a special statement released by GALAX this week suggests that interest in Chia is legitimately rising to an extent where it might have an impact on storage supplies. As noted in its statement, the Chinese manufacturer has warned that it may not honor warranties for SSDs that have clearly been abused with high writes and other “abnormal operations” for mining purposes.

If users use our SSD products for mining/farming and other abnormal operations, the data write volume is much higher than the daily use standard, and the SSD will slow down or be damaged due to excessive data write volume. […] After testing and [confirming damages], we have the right to refuse to provide related quality assurance services.

Sources: GALAX, Wccftech

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  1. If a warranty is five years or 1200TBW, a user can do whatever they damn well please within those parameters. If a drive fails at 1100TBW, it shouldn’t matter if it did so in two weeks or two years, and whether it’s from Chia plotting, automated hourly full drive database backups or obsessively copying and pasting their favorite archive of Star Trek erotica.

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