Overclockers Set New World Records with ASUS ROG Maximus XIII Apex

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Image: ASUS

Professional overclockers have been breaking world records with Z590 motherboards and 11th Gen Intel Core processors over the past month. The latest achievements come from a group that not only beat the previous ones, but, in some cases, demolished them. One that stands out was set by Tobias “Rauf” Bergström, who beat the Super PI single-threaded 32M benchmark by over 20 seconds. An ASUS ROG Maximus motherboard set the last one five years ago. From processor and memory speeds to top scores in GPU benchmarks, the teams beat many records.

Image: ASUS
elmorIntel Core CPU frequency7307 MHz ***Hardware First Place*
RaufSuper PI – 32M3 min 39.953 secWorld Record
RaufSuper PI – 1M4.546 secWorld Record
safediskPiFast8.280 secWorld Record
safediskGeekbench4 – Single Core11208 pointsWorld Record
safediskGeekbench3 – Multi Core (8x core)64818 ptsGlobal First Place**
noizemakerCinebench 2003 (8x core)12357 pointsGlobal First Place**
Rauf3DMark11 – Performance (1x GPU)66217 marksGlobal First Place**
Rauf3DMark06 (1x GPU)83487 marksWorld Record
Rauf3DMark05 (1x GPU)102410 marksWorld Record
Rauf3DMark03 (1x GPU)427676 marksWorld Record
OGS3DMark03 (2x GPU)384932 marksGlobal First Place**
OGS3DMark03 (3x GPU)362486 marksGlobal First Place**
Rauf3DMark Vantage – Extreme (1x GPU)125104 pointsGlobal First Place**
Rauf3DMark Vantage – Extreme (2x GPU)125584 pointsWorld Record
RaufSuperposition – 1080p Extreme (2x GPU)25000 pointsWorld Record
RaufSuperposition – 8K Optimized (2x GPU)14927 pointsGlobal First Place**
RaufHeaven Benchmark – Extreme (2x GPU)13544.97 marksWorld Record
Source: Games Press

Super PI 4‑minute barrier broken: ‘Rauf’ completed the historically challenging Super PI 32M benchmark in under 3 minutes 40 seconds

Single-core dominance: ‘safedisk’ took the Geekbench4 and PiFast records, and ‘elmor’ cranked an 11th Gen Intel® processor to 7307 MHz

Flexing in 3D: ‘Rauf’ and ‘OGS’ took advantage of the platform’s unfettered bandwidth to overtake a swath of graphics card records

10 world records, 7 global first places: Versatility of the platform was also shown through many GPU and multi-core accolades

Source: Games Press

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