Mass Effect Legendary Edition Offers Original Mako Controls

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Image: BioWare

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Project Director Mac Walters and Environment Director Kevin Meek have confirmed that players will be able to use the original control scheme for the Mako. The new Mako features a number of improvements such as faster boost and shield recharging, being able to touch lava without instant death, and removal of XP penalties for kills. Physics-related issues such as uncontrollable sliding have also been addressed. Its weight has been increased for better handling. Camera controls have also been optimized for more accurate aiming. Players who don’t like these improvements can switch to a control scheme more like the original.

“For those people out there who do like pain, we’ve left the option to leave it back kind of closer to the original controls as well if you want,” said Meek. “You’ll never get consensus,” said Walters, “whether some people love it, or some people hate it. We’re making a big point of it often in marketing, but it’s a lighter touch than I think some people might think. And the optional control scheme is optional, so you can drop back and forth.”

Source: PC Gamer

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