Microsoft Reportedly Shelves Windows 10X

Image: Microsoft

Back in 2019, Microsoft announced that it was working on a spin-off of Windows 10 called Windows 10X, which would be oriented toward dual-screen devices and feature radical changes such as a new user interface and simpler environment akin to Chrome OS. Unfortunately, Windows enthusiasts may never be able to get their hands on it, as a report from Windows insider Brad Sams suggests that Microsoft has shelved the project indefinitely. Microsoft is reportedly shifting its full resources to improve the standard version of Windows 10.

When talking with people familiar with Microsoft’s plans, customers were not looking for a solution that Windows 10X would solve, what they want are Windows 10X features brought to Windows 10. The benefit of Windows 10 is the flexibility that it provides, 10X worked against that narrative and the decision was made to put the OS on the backburner.

Source: Petri

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