Samsung Announces Availability of Next Generation 2.5D Integration Solution, I-Cube4

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Image: Samsung

Interposer technology allows multiple dies to be placed on a single substrate and operate as one processor. Samsung has announced its latest 2.5D package featuring a silicon interposer around 100㎛ thick, which has four HBMs and one logic die. The new I-Cube4 is aimed at HPC, AI, 5G, and large-scale data center solutions. With its heterogeneous integration, the I-Cube4 is expected to see improved performance between the logic unit and its HBM modules. Samsung has developed a mold-free structure and process to remove heat and assist in screening out defects during manufacturing.

Image: Samsung

Since the launch of I-Cube2 in 2018 and eXtended-Cube (X-Cube) in 2020, Samsung’s heterogeneous integration technology has signaled a new era in the high-performance computing market. Samsung is currently developing more advanced packaging technologies to I-Cube6 and higher by using a combination of advanced process nodes, high-speed interface IPs, and advanced 2.5/3D packaging technologies, which will help customers design their products in the most effective way.

Source: Samsung

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