HighFleet Is an Action-Strategy Game with Giant Dueling Sky Ships

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Image: Konstantin Koshutin

Long-time publisher MicroProse has what could be a big hit on its hands. Coming out in Q2 2021, HighFleet is an aerial warfare game set on a futuristic, dieselpunk Earth. With a focus on strategy and real-time flight, it requires quick reflexes in battle and critical thinking. A diplomatic component requires players to explore the world and engage with various factions for ships, men, fuel, and other resources. An in-game ship editor will allow players to fully customize their fleets.

Imagine a thousand-ton jet cruiser. Then fly it and wage war in the skies of a mysterious future Earth. This is HighFleet, a unique action-strategy game mixing physics-based combat, exploration, management, and diplomacy. As giant flying ships wage spectacular aerial warfare, a prophecy tells of one who will save the world – could it be you?

Sources: PC Gamer, MicroProse Software, Steam

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