Microsoft Releases Original Xbox Dashboard Theme for Xbox Series X|S

Image: Microsoft

The original Xbox was heavily ridiculed upon its release in 2001 for its gargantuan design and bulky controller, but the console ultimately managed to pave the way for Microsoft to become a serious contender in the gaming industry thanks to its powerful hardware and strong library of titles comprising hits such as Halo, Ninja Gaiden, and Jet Set Radio Future. Microsoft is celebrating the system’s legacy today with a new dynamic background called “The Original,” which allows Xbox Series X|S owners to hearken back to the iconic aesthetic that defined the first generation of Xbox consoles. The dynamic background recreates the greenish blob or energy ball that Xbox users saw when they first booted up the console.

Before Kinect, before the Xbox 360 blades, the OG Xbox desktop was a noisy, nerdy, black and neon green blob of a thing that let you browse the system’s memory, play music and connect to “Xbox Live.” It didn’t do much else.

Sources: Tom Warren, Eurogamer

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