Tech Giants Unite to Get Funding for Increased Chip Production

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Image: TSMC

As many know, there is an extreme global chip shortage affecting nearly every sector. From unprecedented demand to climate issues, supply chains have been unable to keep up. As a result, many tech companies have formed the Semiconductors in America Coalition to aid in the ongoing situation. SIAC is hoping to influence the U.S. to help fund the building of new manufacturing facilities with the new CHIPS of America Act. It remains to be seen if it will get the requested funding, but the alliance is a sign of dire needs.

Image: SIAC

SIAC’s mission is to advance federal policies that promote semiconductor manufacturing and research in the U.S. to strengthen America’s economy, national security, and critical infrastructure. SIAC’s primary focus is to secure funding for the CHIPS for America Act, legislation enacted earlier this year that authorized – but did not fund – needed semiconductor manufacturing incentives and research initiatives. In one of its first actions, SIAC today sent a letter to congressional leaders in support of legislation to advance the bipartisan effort to fully fund the CHIPS for America Act.

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