MSI Warns of Suspicious Website Hosting Potentially Malicious Copies of Afterburner

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Image: MSI

MSI has published a PSA warning enthusiasts to steer clear of, a website that looks legitimate but is in no way affiliated with the Taiwanese manufacturer. The site is hosting copies of MSI’s popular overclocking software, Afterburner, which, obviously, should not be downloaded because it may be carrying a virus, trojan, keylogger, or other type of malicious program. MSI’s official Afterburner site can be found here.

MSI is dedicated to providing reliable products that deliver incredible user experiences. As such, we find it our responsibility to protect those who have put their trust into our dedication. We condemn the infringement on our proprietary rights and the damage it has caused to MSI’s reputation. Necessary actions to remove the malicious imposter website are underway.

Source: MSI

Tsing Mui
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