Intel Hopes for ATX12VO PSU Standard to Take Off with 12th Gen Core “Alder Lake-S” Motherboards

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Image: Intel

It was previously rumored that Intel would be making a push for the adoption of its new ATX12VO power supply standard by encouraging manufacturers to implement it on motherboards designed for its upcoming 12th Gen Core “Alder Lake-S” processors. While it isn’t clear what level of enforcement Intel had originally considered, a snippet shared by VideoCardz seems to confirm that blue team is definitely hoping to leverage the hype behind Alder Lake-S to get ATX12VO onto a broader market and into the hands of more enthusiasts. The timeline seems to suggest that the first batch of ATX12VO motherboards, which would utilize the new 10-pin power connector and grant higher power efficiency, wouldn’t be released until September at the earliest.

[…] Intel is indeed interested in ATX12VO becoming a more popular standard, but right now there is strong opposition from motherboard makers as well as power supply manufacturers. Most high-end gaming boards for Alder Lake are unlikely to feature ATX12VO standards. We might however see a lot more entry-level motherboards for system integrators and pre-built system suppliers who are interested in offering the best power efficiency to meet strict government power regulations.

Source: VideoCardz

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