Sega Mulls Reboots of Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, and Other Classic IPs

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Image: Sega

It’s been a long time since Sega fans have been graced with a new Crazy Taxi or Jet Set Radio game, but the iconic Japanese games maker is finally beginning to consider bringing these classic franchises and more into the current generation. This is according to a new financial results presentation published by Sega Sammy, which included a slide noting that it was carefully examining a handful of iconic IPs and potentially remastering, remaking, or rebooting them. The presentation also suggests that Sega is working on a “super game” that will be released three to five years from now.

As well as turning its existing, active IPs into global brands, the company wants to create new IP “which can be expanded globally” – but which it doesn’t expect to be immediately highly profitable. No details were given on which of Sega’s studios would make the game, nor what kind of a game it would be.

Sources: SegaSammy, IGN

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