Mass Effect Legendary Edition Gets FOV Mod

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Image: BioWare

One of the most common missing features with modern PC games is the FOV slider. Thanks to the PC modding community, that feature has been added to Mass Effect Legendary Edition. It is odd that BioWare has left this out, but perhaps it will be included in a future update. Players can use the Better Camera (Higher FOV) for all three games to change the FOV with the press of a key.

Anyone who modded the original games will be familiar with Coalesced.bin, the file in your BioGame\CookedPCConsole directory you’ll need to replace to get most mods working. Just be sure to back it up first. Once you’ve swapped it for the version in the mod you’ll be able to press F10 in-game to push your FOV up to wherever you find it most comfortable.

Sources: PC Gamer, NexusMod

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