Next Tomb Raider Movie Gets Working Title

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Image: Warner Bros.

The working title for the next Tomb Raider movie has been revealed courtesy of its new director, Misha Green. Green, who is replacing previous director Ben Wheatley, revealed in a Twitter post on Friday that the film’s working title is Tomb Raider: Obsidian. It isn’t clear what Obsidian is referring to, but Alicia Vikander, who starred in the 2018 reboot, will reportedly be returning to play Lara Croft. That film made $274,650,803 in the worldwide box office.

[…] Green simultaneously reminded everyone not to get too ahead of themselves, despite the good news. While this undoubtedly means Warner Bros. is still moving ahead with the sequel, Green notes that there’s still “a long way to production” and says the title hasn’t even been approved.

Sources: Misha Green, GamesRadar

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