Twitter’s Subscription Service Will Reportedly Cost $3 Per Month

Image: Twitter

Twitter began hinting last year that it would be launching a paid service that would grant subscribers exclusive features that regular users of the popular microblogging and social networking service wouldn’t be able to take advantage of. According to images discovered by code sleuth Jane Manchun Wong, this service will be called “Blue” and start at $2.99 per month. Subscribers will be able to undo tweets, organize saved posts, enable a new clutter-free reading interface, and more.

If accurate, the strategy wouldn’t be surprising. Twitter would set a relatively low price to court as many enthusiasts as possible, but entice the most devoted fans willing to pay more. Along with Tip Jar, Blue would be part of a broader effort to reduce Twitter’s dependence on ads and steady its income.

Sources: Jane Manchun Wong, Engadget

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