GeIL to Launch DDR5 Polaris RGB Gaming Memory in Q4 2021 with Speeds of Up to 7,200 MHz

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Image: GeIL

GeIL, one of the world’s leading PC component manufacturers, has announced that it will be launching its DDR5 Polaris RGB Gaming Memory in Q4 2021. The standard kits will feature a speed of 4,800 MHz (CL 40-40-40), but overclocked varieties that can hit 6,000 MHz (CL 32-36-36), 6,400 MHz (CL 32-36-36), 6,800 MHz (CL 36-44-44), and 7,200 MHz (CL 36-44-44) are also in development. Non-RGB versions of GeIL’s Polaris Gaming Memory will be available as well.

Image: GeIL

The new DDR5 memory incorporates the latest DDR5 PMIC (Power Management IC) architecture design for smart voltage and power management, allowing a more comprehensive range in voltage adjustment and tweaking. This embedded PMIC and module design are sure to boost the overall performance, stability, and overclocking potential dramatically.

Source: GeIL

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