Intellivision Amico Launch Titles Detailed

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Image: Intellivision Entertainment

Notable game soundtrack composer Tommy Tallarico (Earthworm Jim) purchased the rights to Intellivision in 2018 and is working on releasing the Amico, a new console. Set for launch in October 2021, the Amico is designed for family-friendly games without loot boxes and microtransactions. It will have controller skins for various games like the original console. Some of its pre-installed titles include Intellivision Skiing (a sports game), Cornhole (a sports game), and Farkle (dice game). There will also be physical editions for select titles like Moon Patrol and Missile Command. Earthworm Jim 4 will be exclusive to the Amico.

Image: Intellision Entertainment

Amico Pre-Installed Titles

Intellivision Skiing (sports game)
Cornhole (sports game)
Farkle (dice game)
Astrosmash (shoot ’em up)
Shark! Shark! (action game)
A yet to be announced party game

Amico Launch Titles with Physical “Special Editions”

Evel Knievel
Moon Patrol
Missile Command
Rigid Force Redux Enhanced
Finnigan Fox
Brain Duel

Source: Intellivision Entertainment, VGC (1, 2)

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