Image: MAWI United

Developer MAWI United has released a video showcasing its photorealistic Birch Forest Biome created in Unreal Engine 5, which features Nanite, Lumen, and hardware ray tracing. The developer noted that it was able to achieve 30 FPS with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 without using DLSS. The biome was originally created in 2020 using UE4 and is being updated to the latest engine. It also shared a tutorial video on how to import photogrammetry data into UE5 using Nanite and Autodesk 3ds Max.

MAWI United has managed to enable Nanite for every static mesh in this map. Moreover, this map has Lumen with hardware ray tracing enabled, so it can give you a glimpse at what you can expect from it. Not only that, but MAWI has enabled the new Virtual Shadow Maps so that every mesh can cast shadows.

Sources: MAWI United, DSOG

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  1. That is totally amazing. Now let us cut down trees with heavy weapons and it will spectacular!!

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