AMD Showcases Ryzen 9 5900X Prototype with New Stacked 3D V-Cache Technology, Enabling 15 Percent Higher Average Gaming Performance

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Image: AMD

On top of a series of exciting announcements that included new Radeon RX 6000M Series mobile GPUs and FidelityFX Super Resolution, AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su managed to leave one last surprise for audiences at the end of her Computex 2021 presentation with a first look at AMD’s next breakthrough: a specialized 3D chiplet and stacking technology that allows for over 200 times the interconnect density of traditional 2D chiplets. To demonstrate the progress of its new packaging solution, Su showed off a special Ryzen 9 5900X prototype chip leveraging a 3D V-Cache stack, which enables triple the amount of cache that its cores normally have access to (32 MB vs. 96 MB of L3 cache). First-party benchmarks aired by AMD suggest that the first Ryzen chips with 3D chiplets, scheduled for release by the end of this year, will offer 15 percent faster gaming on average at minimum.

Pioneered in close collaboration with TSMC, the industry-leading technology also consumes less energy than current 3D solutions and is the most flexible active-on-active silicon stacking technology in the world. […] AMD is on-track to begin production on future high-end computing products with 3D chiplets by the end of this year.

Sources: AMD, AnandTech

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