AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Criticized for Blurry Visuals Even on Ultra Quality Mode

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Image: AMD

When AMD’s Scott Herkelman debuted FidelityFX Super Resolution during red team’s Computex 2021 event on Monday, he noted that the spatial upscaling technology’s Ultra Quality setting would provide “practically identical” image quality versus native resolution. Comparison close-ups published by enthusiasts such as r/AMD’s Osprey850 suggest that this is not actually the reality, however, as there appears to be a substantial degree of blurriness when FidelityFX Super Resolution is enabled even in its highest quality setting. Wccftech has also published a harsh take on AMD’s upscaling implementation, suggesting that it is in no way an acceptable alternative to NVIDIA’s DLSS, which leverages the intricacies of AI and machine learning.

I wanted to post these because people in the original news post were figuring that the side of the image showing FSR’s “Quality” mode on a GTX 1060 was blurry because it was only the 2nd-highest mode and on only a GTX 1060. As you can hopefully see in the images above, though, even “Ultra Quality” mode on an RX 6800 XT looks noticeably worse than native.

Sources: r/AMD, Wccftech

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