NVIDIA Has No Immediate Plans for Bringing Ray Tracing to Mobile Chips

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One of the many interesting announcements that AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su made during her Computex 2021 keynote on Monday was that red team would be bringing its RDNA 2 graphics technology to Samsung’s future Exynos SoCs, enabling ray tracing on next-generation mobile games. This isn’t something that its competition is planning on doing, however—NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang told reporters today that he didn’t think the idea made sense at the time due to the size and complexity of ray tracing games. Instead, NVIDIA will continue to rely on its GeForce NOW cloud gaming platform to bring this level of graphical fidelity to mobile devices.

Image: AMD

“Ray tracing games are quite large, to be honest. The data set is quite large, and there’ll be a time for it,” Huang said. “When the time is right we might consider it. That’s how we would like to reach Android devices, Chrome devices, iOS devices, Mac OS devices, Linux devices, all kinds of devices, whether it’s on TV, or mobile device, or PC. I think that’s for us, right now, that’s the best strategy.”

Source: ZDNet

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