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A recent rumor suggests that Sony is in negotiations with 2K Games to make BioShock 4 a PlayStation exclusive. This is believed to be a limited-time deal, as Sony does not own the developer. It is also unlikely that 2K Games would forgo all the potential profits from releasing on other platforms. Numerous details about the development of the next installment have been leaking since 2019. An official reveal could happen at E3.

As per the latest episode of Xbox Era podcast, co-creator and host Nick “Shpeshal Ed” Baker claims to have heard from a number of sources that Sony is seeking to establish the sequel as a PlayStation 5 exclusive. As a third-party IP, and therefore one that it has no ownership of, the Japanese tech giant would need to hash out a deal with 2K in order to make console exclusivity worth the loss of potential sales on Xbox Series X|S.

Sources: GFR, We Got This Covered

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  1. Now this excites me! I loved Bioshock 1 and 2 and used to replay them often. I was actually hoping they’d do a remaster of the first one. Infinite was ok but nowhere near as good as 1 and 2. I hope they go back to what made those games so good and just build on that. Hopefully the deal falls through tho to make this a console exclusive. That would suck.

  2. I really enjoyed [I]Bioshock[/I] 1. Never played 2. Years ago I was playing through [I]Infinite[/I] and I lost a lot of progress from the game crashing, and I didn’t care to try again. I’d be down for a new [I]Bioshock[/I], but yeah, f*ck dat console-exclusive bullsh1t.
    [QUOTE=”MacLeod, post: 35454, member: 261″]
    I was actually hoping they’d do a remaster of the first one.
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