XCOM Developer Firaxis Reportedly Developing Marvel Title

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Firaxis, the studio best known for the hit sci-fi strategy game franchise XCOM, is reportedly developing a new turn-based action title that will utilize the Marvel license and revolve around its extremely popular lineup of comic superheroes. This is according to a leaked list of unannounced titles from 2K Games that was shared by r/GamingLeaksAndRumour’s swine_flu_greg, which has since been verified by Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier to be accurate. Code named “CODA,” Firaxis’ new Marvel title has, perhaps unsurprisingly, been described as “XCOM with Marvel heroes.” The game is also said to feature voice acting from famous actors.

Please take all of this with the hugest grain of salt, as this is second hand info and I can’t verify any of this directly. I know and absolutely trust the source and this is more or less directly from 2K. Also, this info is several weeks old at this point and they (my source) have seen trailers and/or promotional material of these titles.

Sources: r/GamingLeaksAndRumours, Jason Schreier

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