Dell Faces Class Action Lawsuit over Alienware Laptop’s Lack of Advertised Upgradeability

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Image: Dell

Dell has been hit by a class action lawsuit over one of its Alienware laptops. The lawsuit, which was filed by a plaintiff by the name of Robert Felter, accuses the computer giant of advertising Alienware’s 2019 Area 51M R1 laptop as a machine that could be upgraded to future Intel CPUs and NVIDIA GPUs. Apparently, that didn’t turn out to be the case. The full complaint can be found here.

Image: Dell

The lawsuit […] claims that consumers were told that “core components” (meaning the CPU and GPU) could be replaced beyond the current generation of hardware. “Dell’s advertisement to the public didn’t place any restrictions on the upgradeability of the laptop,” lawyer David W. Kani said in an email to Tom’s Hardware. “They also never disclosed that those with the highest spec CPU and/or GPU that their device would not be upgradeable.”

Source: Tom’s Hardware

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