Image: Blue Origin

It’s only been 15 days since Jeff Bezos stepped down as chief executive of Amazon, but the billionaire founder and business magnate already has plenty of adventures lined up for himself. One of the most exciting ones will occur next month when he and his brother, Mark Bezos, blast off into space on July 20th as part of the first crewed spaceflight from his private rocket company, Blue Origin. Bezos confirmed the news in an Instagram post this morning, in which he noted his dream of traveling to space.

In May, the Amazon founder’s rocket company, Blue Origin, announced that its first flight aboard its New Shepard rocket, designed to carry up to six tourists per flight, would auction off one seat to the highest bidder. […] Bidding for a joyride in outer space next to the Amazon founder was already at $2.8 million with nearly 6,000 participants from 143 countries, according to the company.

Sources: Jeff Bezos, Blue Origin, NBC

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  1. Can I take out an insurance policy on bezos and his brother even though I’m not related or tied to them?

  2. It’s really hard to get cheap transportation to your secret moon base.

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  3. I wonder who the beneficiary will be when the rocket blows up. Not likely McKenzie any more since the divorce.

    edit – Ok, Google says 4 kids.

    Yaknow… it is his money and he can do what he wants but I mean… this dude could single handed knock out homelessness in the USA and still have a fortune leftover to live on. But nah man, he’s going to space! Not even 1st world problems, more like LEO problems…

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