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Colorful Technology has teamed up with NVIDIA to launch China’s first GPU history museum. Located near Shenzhen New Generation Industrial Park, the museum appears to be a prime destination for enthusiasts who are interested in an intimate look at the development and evolution of graphics cards over the years, with exhibits ranging from green team’s first GPU—the NV1-based GeForce 256—to rare products such as ATI Technologies’ Rage Fury MAXX. NVIDIA and Colorful’s GPU history museum also features premium attractions that include an advanced VR cockpit and racing simulator with multiple 8K displays.

The GPU History Museum takes you back to the early 1980s where it all started then to the introduction of the “Voodoo” add-in card that provided hardware acceleration of 3D graphics in the mid-1990s. Marvel upon the technological development and iterations that paved the path to birth of the NVIDIA and the GPU industry we know today.

Sources: Colorful, TechPowerUp

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  1. Can you get a current gpu in the gift shop?

    A museum for dead tech? Seems like a marketing idea to me

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