Intel Rumored to Have Offered $2 Billion for RISC-V Chipmaker SiFive

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Image: SiFive

Things continue to develop in what has become a volatile market for semiconductor manufacturing. From shortages to buyouts, the landscape has been quite tumultuous in recent years. Sources believe that RISC-V chipmaker SiFive has been receiving both investment and buyout offers. One of the rumored parties is Intel; it reportedly offered $2 billion for the growing company. This seems plausible in light of NVIDIA’s attempt to acquire ARM. RISC-V is also involved with AI in the datacenter, which Intel is heavily invested in.

SiFive is a designer of chips that are based on the RISC-V architecture, an attempt to bring open-source standards to semiconductor design making it cheaper and accessible to customers. […] Interest in SiFive has increased since Nvidia Corp. agreed in September to pay $40 billion for SoftBank Group Corp.’s Arm Ltd., which like SiFive, licenses chip and process designs.

Sources: Bloomberg, OC3D

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