Netflix Teases Brand-New Castlevania Animated Series Starring Richter Belmont

Image: Konami

Netflix may have decided to end Castlevania with its fourth season, but the world’s biggest streamer is still committed to Konami’s classic vampire-hunting video game franchise. As confirmed in a tweet published by Netflix Geeked yesterday morning, the company is actually developing a brand-new Castlevania series that will star Rondo of Blood protagonist Richter Belmont and his sister-in-law, the vampire huntress Maria Renard. Netflix hasn’t shared a release date for its new Castlevania series yet, but it did confirm that the show will take place in France in 1792 during the French Revolution.

Speaking during this afternoon’s Netflix Geeked Week stream, directors Sam Deats, Adam Deats and executive producer Kevin Kolde confirmed that they are “nowhere near done with this universe.” […] The new series will follow new lead Richter Belmont (son of series leads Trevor and Sypha) and Maria Renard, in what sounds like a loose adaptation of 1993’s Castlevania II: Rondo of Blood.

Sources: Netflix Geeked, PC Gamer

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