Obsidian Announces The Outer Worlds 2

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Obsidian Entertainment has confirmed that it is working on a sequel to its 2019 sci-fi action RPG, The Outer Worlds. While little is known about The Outer Worlds 2 at the moment beyond the visuals teased in its announcement trailer, Obsidian did promise during today’s Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase that its sequel will feature both a new solar system and new crew. The Outer Worlds 2 will also presumably comprise a lengthier adventure based on the core criticism that’s been levied at the original.

The […] big news from Obsidian today is the announcement of The Outer Worlds 2! Taking place in a new star system with a new crew, we are excited to bring everyone back to The Outer Worlds franchise. And, fans of The Outer Worlds should always remember – It’s not the best choice. It’s Spacer’s Choice.

Source: Xbox

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