Aqua Computer’s LEAKSHIELD Prevents Leaks in Water-Cooled Systems

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Image: Aqua Computer

Aqua Computer has introduced an innovative system that aims to prevent leaks in water-cooled systems. The LEAKSHIELD, as it’s appropriately called, “generates an optimally calculated negative pressure in the cooling system” to prevent coolant escaping in the event of a leak and additionally features a protection system/sensor that detects “even the smallest leaks” to warn users of any impending trouble. Pressure and other data can be quickly reviewed via its OLED display. Aqua Computer’s standalone LEAKSHIELD protection system, LEAKSHIELD leak protection system for ULTITUBE, and related accessories are available immediately through its online web store.

LEAKSHIELD was developed by Aqua Computer for the ULTITUBE expansion tank, but can also be used with expansion tanks from other manufacturers via an adapter set. The minimal size of the complex device is impressive: All components have been integrated into the cover of the expansion tank. The power supply and control is via USB. The device has an OLED display and button operation. This means that the most important functions can be carried out directly on the device.

Source: Aqua Computer

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