Microsoft Updates Retail Box Art for Xbox Games

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Image: Microsoft

Microsoft has decided to introduce some changes to its standard box art design for Xbox console games in an effort to better highlight which console/s a title supports. While the boxes themselves will remain appropriately green, Microsoft has dropped the Xbox header at the very top and swapped the black bar underneath for a white one that’s more prominent and easier to read. The updated Xbox box art has already begun showing up at Best Buy and other retail listings for major titles such as 343 Industries’ Halo Infinite.

So they’re swapping a small black bar out for a larger white box, and removing the old green band from along the top of the box and replacing it with a small Xbox logo on the left. The smart delivery and Series X logos remain at the top right, but are now printed straight on the game art instead of inside the green band.

Sources: Xbox News, Kotaku

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