DDR5 Adoption Expected to Take Off in 2023

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Image: TeamGroup

A new report suggests that DDR5 will begin overtaking the market by 2023. DDR4 and DDR3 sales are expected to comprise less than 50 percent of the market that year, with DDR5 being dominant by 2026. DDR5 features increased per-module capacity (up to 64 GB), lower power consumption, and modules with ECC and Power Management ICs (PMICs), making them ideal for both consumers and data centers. From validation to production and shipping, there have been many announcements from industry leaders in recent months.

Image: Yole Development

[…] estimates have it that we will see a 25 percent increase in DDR5 adoption in 2022 (thanks to the server market), then an even bigger jump in 2023 to over 50 percent of market share. Finally, through 2024-2026 we should expect the rest of the market to follow suit with DDR5 adoption, leaving DDR4 at barely 5 percent of the market.

Sources: i-Micronews (via Yole Development), Tom’s Hardware

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