Report Estimates 700,000 GPUs Went to Cryptominers in Q1 2021

Image: rebcenter-moscow (Pixabay)

Jon Peddie Research has released a new report that provides some purported insight on how cryptomining has affected graphics card supply in the earlier part of the year. According to its model predictions, miners and speculators ended up scoring 25 percent of the AIBs shipped in Q1 2021. That equates to approximately 700,000 high-end and mid-range GPUs, which would total about $500 million in market value.

Image: Jon Peddie Research

The company used the assumption that serious cryptocurrency miners have their dedicated setups and purchase graphics cards. On the flipside, there are also casual miners who might invest in a complete system just for mining cryptocurrency. The firm admitted that its forecast model isn’t as precise as before due to the shortage of components.

Sources: Jon Peddie Research, Tom’s Hardware

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