Facebook Will Begin Running Ads inside Oculus VR Headsets

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Image: Oculus

Facebook today announced that it will begin testing ads inside of its Oculus virtual reality headsets. According to its VR and AR team, Facebook Reality Labs, this “experiment” is going forward as a potential way of generating more revenue for developers and to help create “a self-sustaining platform that can support a variety of business models.” The revenue generated from these advertisements will also help toward making “innovative AR/VR hardware more accessible to more people.” Facebook’s Oculus VR headset ads will premiere in Resolution Games’ Blaston, a virtual reality experience in which players duel against others in dynamic gun battles.

Ads are most effective when they’re high-quality and relevant—because of that, Oculus ads will follow Facebook’s advertising principles, the first of which is “build for people first.” It’s also important that people can manage the ads they see, so we’re including controls to hide specific ads or hide ads from an advertiser completely.

Source: Facebook, Resolution Games, CNBC

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