Resident Evil Village and Other Titles Account for over $4 Billion in May Software Sales

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Image: Capcom

The gaming industry has seen significant gains since 2020. The recently released Resident Evil Village is among a number of games that have accounted for impressive sales, serving as one of the strongest launches in the franchise’s history. Capcom recently announced DLC for it. Mass Effect Legendary Edition has also proven to be as popular as ever, succeeding with fans and reviewers alike. According to a new report, year-to-date spending on video games has seen a 17 percent increase since 2020, which led to over $24 billion in sales. Just over $4 billion of that was in May, coinciding with the launches of both titles.

On the software side, spending on video game content reached $4 billion, a 3% increase over May 2020’s $3.9 billion. It was Resident Evil Village that topped NPD’s title charts, followed by Mass Effect: Legendary EditionMLB: The Show 21Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and New Pokémon Snap.


Peter Brosdahl
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