Image: ASRock

ASRock is optimistic about sales for the next quarter. This comes after a record-breaking $17.88 million net profit for the company in Q1 2021. Graphics card sales account for roughly 20 percent of its total sales along with motherboards coming in at 50 percent, while the rest are in the server market. Component shortages continue to hamper production, but it is believed that cryptomining interest, which is supposedly decreasing in China, will not immediately affect sales. ASRock recently launched a motherboard designed specifically for cryptomining called the H510 Pro.

Image: ASRock

ASRock expects its sales to grow sequentially in the third quarter, despite component shortages and dropping graphics card prices amid shrinking demand from China’s cryptomining sector.

Its visibility for the fourth quarter remains clouded at the moment, because of market uncertainties, but the overall performance in 2021 will still surge from a year ago, according to the vendor.

Sources: DigiTimes, ASRock, Guru3d, Wccftech

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