Windows 11 to Introduce Auto HDR and DirectStorage for Gaming

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Image: Microsoft

Microsoft announced Windows 11 today, an updated version of its popular operating system with a redesigned user interface and various new features such as Widgets, an all-new Microsoft Store, and the ability to use Android apps on PC. According to a new blog post on Xbox Wire, Windows 11 will also happen to be the best version of Windows ever made for gaming, partially because it introduces or broadens two new exciting technologies: Auto HDR and DirectStorage. The former automatically adds High Dynamic Range (HDR) enhancements to DirectX 11 games or higher, while the latter leverages the full potential of high-performance NVMe SSDs for faster loading times. Windows 11 will be available as a free upgrade for eligible Windows 10 PCs and new PCs this holiday.

Image: Microsoft

With DirectStorage, which will only be available with Windows 11, games can quickly load assets to the graphics card without bogging down the CPU. This means you’ll get to experience incredibly detailed game worlds rendered at lightning speeds, without long load times. “DirectStorage Optimized” Windows 11 PCs are configured with the hardware and drivers needed to enable this amazing experience.

Source: Xbox

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