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A YouTuber known as Krollywood made the gaming news recently after recreating practically all of GoldenEye 007’s legendary maps in Far Cry 5’s map editor. Sadly, Krollywood’s 1,400 hours of work may have gone to waste, as Ubisoft was compelled to remove all of the GoldenEye 007 maps that he shared and made playable via Far Cry 5’s arcade mode following a copyright claim from MGM, the studio that owns the franchise movie rights for James Bond. “I’m really sad—not because of myself or the work I put in the last three years, [but] because of the players who wanna play it or bought Far Cry just to play my levels,” Krollywood said in a statement to Kotaku. As the publication points out in its coverage, it isn’t clear how the maps harm MGM or violate Ubisoft’s terms of use, as Krollywood didn’t use any assets or code from GoldenEye 007, nor did he try to turn a profit.

In following the guidelines within the ‘Terms of Use,’ there were maps created within Far Cry 5 arcade that have been removed due to copyright infringement claims from a right [sic] holder received by Ubisoft and are currently unavailable. We respect the intellectual property rights of others and expect our users to do the same. This matter is currently with the map’s creator and the rights holder and we have nothing further to share at this time.

Source: Kotaku

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  1. Sad part is Ubisoft likely had to do this to prevent getting sued by Amazon. MGM made a claim – you either fight it in court or you pull the map…

  2. Its so stupid how they lock down anything to do with Nintendo 64 Goldeneye as they sit and let that amazing memory fade….

  3. It reads like nonsense…. Wait! Is this what people warned about the DMCA in the before time?

  4. Wow what buttheads. Some guy made a project of love for Goldeneye without even trying to make money off it. And the lawyers march in and shut it down. Because the N64 Goldeneye is still raking in money somehow and this was a threat?

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