All Windows 11 Laptops Will Require Front-Facing Webcams by 2023

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Image: Microsoft

Windows 11 will make webcams mandatory in laptops and other devices by 2023. This is according to a document that Microsoft has released elaborating on the minimum hardware requirements for its upcoming OS, which includes a section noting that all devices running Windows 11 (“except desktop PC”) are required to have a forward-facing camera starting from January 1, 2023. While a rear-facing camera is optional, the forward-facing camera must support certain features as high-definition resolution, auto exposure, and auto white balance. This could be a concern for security-minded individuals who are paranoid about being hacked and video recorded, although it’s something that could easily be remedied with masking tape or some other sort of covering.

For now, Microsoft notes that both front and rear webcams are optional. However, the company adds that all devices (except desktop PCs) must have a front-facing webcam. This condition will come into effect from January 1, 2023 and should force manufacturers to include a webcam in devices such as laptops or tablets.

Sources: Microsoft, Hardware Info

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