NVIDIA SHIELD Users Review-Bomb Google for Adding Advertisements to New Android TV Interface

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NVIDIA’s SHIELD TV devices recently received an Android TV Home update that not only introduced a slicker, revamped interface but something completely undesirable: advertisements that cannot be disabled. As one might expect, the surprise addition of ads hasn’t gone well with NVIDIA SHIELD owners at all, many of whom have taken out their anger on Google by review bombing its Android TV Home listing, which now sits at just a single star. The anger is understandable, being that NVIDIA SHIELD users paid three figures for a premium streaming device that was originally ad-free. NVIDIA’s SHIELD devices come in two flavors, the most expensive of which features 1 GB of additional memory (3 GB) and 8 GB of additional storage (16 GB) over the base model. Both units leverage an NVIDIA Tegra X1+ processor.

Image: Google Play

After nearly 600 total reviews, the app is showing a shocking 100% 1-star rating. The Android TV Home app barely needs a listing, it’s essentially just there to make distribution to the Android TV operating system more convenient. But damn, it’s not a good look.

Sources: Google Play, Android Police

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