Windows 11 Won’t Let You Move the Taskbar

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Image: Microsoft

Windows 11 users have discovered that Microsoft has deprecated the ability to move the taskbar to an area other than the bottom of the screen and are hoping that the tech giant will reverse this strange and surprising decision. As confirmed on Windows 11’s official specifications page, Microsoft’s upcoming operating system introduces some significant changes to traditional Taskbar functionality, such as forcing its alignment to the bottom of the screen. Other changes include the removal of the “People” feature, some icons no longer appearing in the System Tray for upgraded devices and previous customizations, and apps no longer being able to customize areas of the Taskbar. It isn’t clear why Microsoft will no longer allow Windows users to set their Taskbar at the left, right, or top of their screens.

For most users this will not be an issue, but for some users who have become accustomed over years to have Windows their way the coming change have been quite worrying. […] One commenter is saying “oh wow, this is a major deal breaker. Many people won’t upgrade just because of this, what where they thinking?”

Sources: r/Windows11, Microsoft, MSPoweruser

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