NVIDIA DLSS 2.2 Reduces Ghosting in Select Titles


DLSS continues to evolve, and the latest version, DLSS 2.2, is showing a lot of promise in reducing ghosting and artifacts. Digital Foundry has tested it by copying the files into a number of games. Users can do this, but it is recommended to wait until developers release updates for games, as QA is probably needed. It appears to provide improvements to the Performance and Ultra Performance modes, the latter of which is rendered at 720p and then upscaled to 4K.

As reported by DF, DLSS 2.2 almost completely removed this ghosting effect, especially in places where it was the most visible. Leaves dropping from a tree in NIOH 2 no longer show any smudges, neither do oil-like droplets or birds flying up the sky in Death Stranding. Even the elevator in Cyberpunk 2077 no longer shows visible ghosting effects. That said, there is clearly a big upgrade from the 2.1 to 2.2 version in these specific cases.

Sources: Digital Foundry, VideoCardz

Peter Brosdahl
As a child of the 70’s I was part of the many who became enthralled by the video arcade invasion of the 1980’s. Saving money from various odd jobs I purchased my first computer from a friend of my dad, a used Atari 400, around 1982. Eventually it would end up being a lifelong passion of upgrading and modifying equipment that, of course, led into a career in IT support.

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